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where came from; he could never know where he was headed. He realized that a human being, a family or a village, are what remember themselves. Who does not remember has no memories, livelihood, and internal force. Turns into a leave in the wind.

He felt completely neutralized and helpless. Not knowing who he was, where he came from and where he was headed, seduced him to abandon himself in indifference and oblivion. He walked and walked, and did not know where he was going. This sentiment became stronger after he found several crossroads and had no elements to decide his own path, did not know if he was going or coming.

During all the day's walk, he maintained two feelings that overwhelmed him. The first was of astonishment on everything he saw; the second was distress and desolation, ignoring his identity.

In the afternoon he reached Dzibilchaltún, whose name means "where the writings on stone slabs are", it was a very strange place, it consisted of a group of buildings and pyramids, but they were in ruins and completely abandoned. The implacable jungle had regained its spaces and trees, shrubs and plants, it appropriated the buildings. With the powerful hydraulic force of nature, plants, roots, trunks and branches were gradually knocking down walls, moving large stones and collapsing the pyramids. The relentless and jealous jungle, did not forgive the desecration of its spaces.

Night Eagle came amid the ruins of a huge complex, with moss invaded stones and its buildings swamped by the vegetation. Suddenly, in front of his eyes, was a mound and above it, a square construction, seemingly a house with a door and two small windows on its four sides. On top each door was a stone figure depicting a humanized face, the same was in the four upper corners of the building. In the center of the building protruded an elevated structure resembling a tower. He climbed what was left the stairs and entered the building.