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The afternoon began to decline, the Lord of fire darts, was almost on the horizon. Night Eagle entered through the west door and dropped onto the floor. When his body loosened, fatigue invaded him. He had not eaten all day and was exhausted. While he was looking the arc shaped roof of the strange construction, realized that a reddish light slowly began to invade the room, creating a peace and well-being ambiance.

His body felt that it was in a benign place. The sun before sinking on the horizon, directly sent its rays and entered horizontally through the west door, producing an uncommon brightness; seemed that due to unknown reasons the building stones multiplied the light intensity. On the east side came out red light rays, through the doors and windows, giving life to the room.

Night Eagle gradually felt his body recovered the mood and strength lost during the walk, but the most surprising was that his heart was filled with an immense peace and tranquility. All the anguish that he felt from the moment he came to these strange lands, was dissolving as a morning mist in the jungle and turned into nothing.

He felt an immense joy of being alive, of feeling alive, of thinking of him alive. That house was as the beloved mother's womb, without thinking about it; he took a fetal position and closed his eyes, only concentrating on the well-being feeling being that surrounded him, to fall deeply asleep.

The next morning, Night Eagle did not want to open his eyes. The birds from early hours started their noisy trilling. The eastern light had already entered the room and in its dazzling rise, had already left the area in search of the heights. Heat began to increase and the boy refused to open their eyes. In his inner depths, wished for time to have