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—Here you are, my son you're our jaguar and our eagle, and our rich feather and our precious stone, already you are our very tenderly loved son; understand, son that you are a man, and a married man, and man who has for wife our daughter; this should not seem to you a mockery, must realize that you're in another world, you're exercising your freedom, your decision takes you to another way of living, become responsible.

See that you're already a man and that you do not have a child’s heart; does not behoove you to be a mischievous child; you don't want from here onwards riding the boys vices, because you already have the responsibility of a married man, who is a family’s father; begin work in carrying loads on the roads, such as the chili and salt, saltpeter, and fish, walk from town to town; learn the work and fatigue you must feel in the heart and body, sleeping in the corners outside of other’s houses, on the portals of houses of people that do not know you. You must temper your spirit and strengthen your body, without hurting your tender heart. All these efforts and many more you will have to do, because is as was told and we were taught, by our old and wise grandparents.

The celebration lasted for five days and nights; they danced and ate, with fullness and in abundance. Night Eagle joined in a member of Marine Snake family, but something told him inside that he was losing something more than a dear friend.

From that day, Night Eagle became a loner. Complied scrupulously with his tasks, but he did not have the cheerful companionship of Marine Snake, as it was the tradition, that single people did not mix with married men, in the works and groups of friends.

The days started to be long and tedious; Night Eagle occasionally visited Marine Snake, to whom the "Houses Complex", had given him a plot of land. It was this ancient institution, that managed the land, as nobody had land as private property, it was considered property of the village or "Houses Complex", through