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Another education aspect was construction learning. This was an ancient passion, a form of expression of the immeasurable spiritual force, learned at the origin of the days of the old grandparents. Young people made up a formidable and well organized labor force, which helped; to maintain the institution, public and religious buildings; to build roads, bridges or any work of community benefit. Night Eagle immediately adjusted to his new life. Something inside of him made him feel a quiet rejoicing, in all he heard, saw and did. His happiness was complete, as Dawn deer, his beloved cousin, had also entered the school and they were once again, the inseparable pair.

In the House of youth, the day began before the sunrise. The night guards sounded their large sea snails in unison, to wake students up; who had to clean the House and bathe. The first ceremony was at the first Sun rays, youngsters sang hymns to "He for whom one lives" and its multiple devotions, officiated by priests.

The students then had breakfast. All meals were frugal, as part of discipline, but appropriate, to ensure the healthy growth and sufficient energy to perform arduous physical and intellectual tasks.

The old Toltec grandparents through thousands of years of plants, insects and animal domestication knowledge, had inherited a varied cuisine to their children's children. Always at the end of each meal, they thanked the almighty Lord, the invisible and impalpable. Then they would work as teams; some went to the field, others went to the forest for firewood; others, according to the institution needs, fulfilled the required tasks. Works were made by age and knowledge, elders taught the younger.

The institution was ruled by strict rules and hierarchies, gained through work and capacity. The old grandparents had taught them,