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that the strength of men was multiplied by organization and discipline. Young people had to learn to work as a single body, tempering the body strength and refining the spirit. Instructors tried that young people developed a spirit of fraternity and respect, in all activities performed.

When the Sun reached the zenith, all students gathered at the House, bathed and ate. After the thanking ceremony, they had time to rest. When the sun disappeared, they gathered at the instruction building. It was the time in which teachers taught old and wise grandparents histories; these histories were supported by the Toltec black and red ink books, which as a mnemonic resource, helped them remember histories. The books were made from amate paper and lined with deer skin. They were long strips of paper that folded as an accordion and were protected with covers. When the book extended, the pages were square-shaped, and in them, a series of symbols were painted; each of them, represented a certain action, so to when symbols were related, the reader had a detailed description of the events, that were to be kept in memory and in the language.

As time went by Night Eagle began to stand out from their peers. In addition to the advice of his father, scrupulously followed; there was a mysterious force in the soul of the boy, which aroused the sympathy and respect; from his peers, trainers and teachers.

It was at about the time, when a deep friendship began developing between one of the teachers and Night Eagle. “Espejo Humeante” (Smoky mirror) was one of the oldest teachers of the institution, who saw in Night Eagle, the most outstanding student, since he entered the House of young people.

At nighttime, the students left the teachers instruction and walked, singing solemn hymns to the House of Song; there they were received, both boys and