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girls, who also had their own institution and where trained them in the same way, to be citizens, mothers and wives. The old and wise grandmothers said that men and women form a unity. As the divine duality, which is made of male and female parts; thus, family life develops. Women in the community were very important. Family life was based in her. With no competition with men; between the two formed a production unit, between the two educated children and between the two worshiped the diverse manifestations of the Supreme divinity.

Therefore, the education of young women was very important. Like boys, maidens learned the words of the old grandparents. Good manners and the appropriate language, embroidery, weaving, cooking; as well as learning the ancient legends, books of the black and red ink, learn the plants and animals food and healing properties; the religious songs, ceremonies, as well as the count of time and the movement of the stars. The discipline although not as rigid as that of men, was present in their institution.

The House of Song was a common area for men and women. The teachings of old grandparents said that human virtue could only be reached through "Flower and Song" (Flower and Song). The function of art is to create a bridge between Earth and Heaven, so that the human being spirit, finds its divine origin.

Thus, girls and boys, learned together to develop Arts in their education. Music, dance, painting, modeling, poetry and theatre were addressed every evening by young people, such that the House of Song seemed a tree full of singing birds.

Later at night the boys returned to the school. They bathed, dined and thanked the Great Lord and the Great Lady, for all they received that day and then went to their bedrooms to rest. However, at midnight and in the very early morning, the elder went out to