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that despite making him majestic because its size, made him light. The man was chest and back shields, made from sea shells, supported by small green beads. In the abdomen had protection made from deer bones, also had green beads attached. He wore a small skirt made from jaguar skin. Green beads were woven in his wrists and ankles; as protection. In his right hand had a huge spear, with beautiful feathers at the top and was crowned with a large obsidian tip.

The man stopped them and informed that Bat Jaguar, Venerable Teacher of the Smoky Mirror House at Mutal, invited them to relax and replenish their supplies, before continuing their path. Fire Jaguar understood that this was a very special invitation, by tradition, he knew of that place, but none of the carriers had reached it, he ordered his men to follow the guard.

In the afternoon they arrived in Mutal, it was in a narrow valley flanked by two high mountain ranges. The city was built around a large central plaza, with many buildings, other plazas and structures, profusely decorated with glyphs sculpted in steps and the many steles across the city. The Smoky Mirror House was built on the top of an artificial hill, about one kilometer east of the main plaza, from where the entire valley could be observed. Access was on the west side. They walked into the main large plaza. To the left, the north was the highest part of the hill and there, were the most important buildings. At the top was a pyramid. In between the plaza and the Smoky Mirror House was the Bat Temple, a very important and secret complex with access to a series of caves that extended for many kilometers, below the ground. Towards the northeast, a vast and beautiful ballgame court next to a regular sized pyramid, five small constructions were built just north of the court.