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The guard took them to the northern part and inside a building; they found petates ready, food and water, so they could rest. They were informed that they would be received by the Venerable Teacher Bat Jaguar in the morning.

The reception ceremony was solemn. The Jaguars Palace was ornamented with beautiful flowers and abundant copal was being burned. A group of musicians played soft melodies with different whistles. The guests were placed in the south side part of the room. The music went silent and those attending looked to the eastern door, from where the Venerable Teacher came in accompanied by five elders, who dressed in a very austere and moderate fashion.

After sitting on petates surrounded by flowers the Venerable Teacher addressed his guests:

"Let us rejoice, my friends:
Come and hug!
In flourished land we walk walking
and there is no one who can end it.
The flower and song are shown
There at the House of the Sun.
Only for a short time on earth we live:
It will not always be like this: the mystery region waits
Will there be joy? Will there be friendship?
Oh no, that not only on earth
we come to know one another!"

Bat Jaguar extensively briefed his guests of the mission entrusted upon the Smoky mirror house. For many bundles of years, the old grandparents had established across the continent, sites similar to this one, with the mission or maintaining unchanged, knowledge and wisdom that the old Toltec grandparents had left in the land from the very origins of this ancient civilization.