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In remote places and segregated; inaccessible and watertight, these knowledge houses accumulated this information in the language, and the heart of wise men and women. These people were prepared from children. The men of "the black and Red ink", who lived in the communities, were entrusted that when they saw to a newborn with a very special energy which only they could observe, talked the parents of these extraordinary creatures, into offering them for this important mission.

The child was then initiated in a ceremony similar to the first water, which was carried out in secret and in the presence of the proud parents. In this ceremony an energy operation was performed, which ensured that the child’s mind would never close, and with that permanent opening be in permanent contact with the immeasurable forces of the world. During the first five years, the child lived with his parents, the wise men taught the mother to put tablets in the head, so it was deformed little by little, which allowed them to have a brain configuration, that in turn empowered him to perceive energy fields, which ordinary mortals could not achieve.

At the age of five the child already was quite different; they were then taken to these houses of knowledge, where they learned their mission.

These human beings were neither men of knowledge, warriors nor priests. Their mission was to maintain intact the knowledge of the old Toltec grandparents, from one generation to another. To put it in some way, they were human books, guaranteeing the permanence and purity of human wisdom. They lived in a very austere and frugal manner, completely detached from the profane world.

After having extensively explained his guests, the Venerable Teacher concluded:

"The sage: a light, a torch
a thick torch that does not smoke.
A perforated mirror,