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a higher level, that was gold. Then it turned to vegetal energy, to become a Ceiba or a Sabino tree, which are the longest living beings; to later become animals, until reaching the human being category, those who have the possibility to achieve spiritual purity and again turn into pure energy, in light.

Fire Jaguar had intended to recommend to Night Eagle to their community at their return, so that he was initiated in the brotherhood, because during the voyage he had become a polished and experienced carrier. Night Eagle however had other plans.

During their stay in the city, he met a group of young men who were preparing an expedition to the southern part of the continent. They were intending to find a land route to join the two civilizations in the continent. The group headed by Awakened Jaguar, was backed by the city authorities, who knew that it was necessary, and at the same time, a very dangerous expedition.

Night Eagle had received in the House of the Smoky mirror a signal that pushed him to find his home, which was nothing but his memory and destiny; his own face and his true heart, the reason of his existence. He was not willing to walk for life; not knowing where came from, what were his origins; where he was. But fundamentally, where he wanted to go, what was his destination, what sort of future wanted to build. He preferred death than to live without an own face and a solid and true heart like stone.

When Awakened Jaguar told him of the plan to find the route to the peoples who lived in the great southern mountains, Night Eagle saw the possibility that the Etla Valley was at the foot of one of these mountains. The invitation to join the expedition came soon and before the team of transporters left, Fire Jaguar knew the decision to the spirit traveller.