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Twenty days after the departure of Fire Jaguar to the north; Night Eagle left towards the jungles of the south, with a group consisting of nine explorers. Equipment integrated the same way as the carriers; the difference was that they did not carry loads.

An explorer was in front and represented the tongue; Night Eagle was the fangs, since he was an excellent Archer. Without knowing how, when the warrior took a bow it became part of his arm. The arrow was the vehicle of inner strength. When loaded the arrow and tightened the rope, his internal dialogue stopped. The feelings and thoughts were displaced by the spirit. Between his right eye and the chosen target, only mediated an instant, in which the spirit power of the Warrior hit the target. Archery is the domain of the inner world, which condenses in the outside world, through an accurate shot. Behind an excellent Archer, is a flawless spiritual temperance.

Behind the fangs was Awakened Jaguar as the head and the eyes of the group. Immediately behind were six explorers with ready weapons and at the end, one of the most experienced explorers Deer Head, who fulfilled the snake rattle functions. All carried their provisions and equipment.

The Group had painted their entire body, resembling a jaguar skin, which gave them some advantages and filled them with power. They were advancing in complete silence and attentive, waiting for a surprise attack from either men or animals. An area of mangroves and marshes surrounded the impenetrable jungle, brackish water, which was in a decomposition state; from weeds and logs, had a foul odor. Insects and snakes, made the difficult walk forward, an ordeal and a challenge, that every time moved between life and death; but the most dangerous was the nestling presence of lizards and alligators that infested the area. These rotten and muddy waters made their detection very difficult. If they were not carefully watching their steps on the ground,