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respectfully grants, in those sublime moments, the impeccability. So every explorer arrow hit target. The hunters who had arrived in disorder upon seeing the slaughter retreated and despite being more than eighty, they were not willing to be killed that way. They decided to wait for the night, because in the darkness the fearsome arrows were not efficient and the fight would have to be man to man.

Awakened Jaguar gave his men the order to prepare weapons for the upcoming fight. They began to sing a song with so much passion and strength that for a moment the hunters lost concentration. Those men were ready to put a high price to their death; they could feel an unusual detachment, before their imminent death. The effect was devastating in the hunters, some quietly withdrew and others lacked courage to begin the final assault.

The hunters’ chiefs’ nervous cries, inciting their people to fight, contrasted with the sure and firm songs of those who were ready to find death with sobriety. Finally after indecision, the hunters attacked.

Fire jaguar men multiplied in speed and force. Once and again the hunters were rejected by the explorers, the hunters’ mortality was alarming. But little by little, Night Eagle partners were falling. In the end more than ten hunters were fighting Awakened Jaguar; Night Eagle managed to climb the huge Ceiba, it prevented the hunters’ attack, at the time were tearing Awakened Jaguar body to pieces with unprecedented viciousness.

Among the Ceiba branches, Night Eagle was cornered like a jaguar. He took over the only access to the tree and each time a hunter tried to climb to kill him, Night Eagle with a force and feline ability, would kill them with one blow. Hunters fell, the warrior had a high price on his life.