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glow on their own. The first star of the night appeared and the sea kissed the day goodnight with powerful bumps, which flogged the defenseless beach.

Night Eagle continued walking by the sea edge. The beach was swept away by the wave’s water that after crashing ran up, smoothing the sand. Tiny crabs appeared in the sand, leaving their small and playful tracks, once the undertow returned noisy and playful to the ocean. The sea and the sand buzzed, as a giant shell. The air smelled of salt. The breeze was flying Night Eagle's hair.

The night slowly came; from behind the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. Marine phosphorus lit up the beach. Night Eagle continued walking, when in the distance he saw a small fire at the edge of the beach. He continued walking towards the light, without any thoughts, he followed the light as a nocturnal insect. It felt his toes sinking into the wet sand. The hidden pleasure of leaving his footprints on the beach was constantly denied by envious waves.

When he reached the fire that was illuminating the beach, night had already taken over the coast. The stars adorned the firmament and the strength of the sea had ceded. In front of the fire was an old man preparing a few fish in fire embers. On green branches, the fish were impaled and placed at a prudent distance from the fire.

The warrior sat down next to the old man without saying a word. After a while the white-haired man passed a gourd with fresh water. Night Eagle despite his thirst drank very little and returned the gourd with an expression of gratitude.

The bonfire raised fire columns. The enigmatic flames seemed to dance. The warrior stare was completely concentrated in their movements. It seemed that he could enter a world of mystery and danger, where thought was foreign. The