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warrior body was calm. The unknown old man inspired him confidence and peace.

When the fish were cooked, they were slowly eaten by the two men without any word. Everything was said, or rather, there was nothing to be said. After eating Night Eagle stretched like an animal and laid down next to the campfire to fell asleep.

That night he slept uneasy. Huge amounts of memories cascaded through his mind, such as flocks of ducks flying over ponds; memories flying in formation and always a memory was leading, behind, at the proper place came all the others. But when the memories came to amazing jump from a cliff in a high mountain, appeared a huge block of thick fog, which made it impossible to see or think. After the last flock of memories, only clouds crossed through his mind. As those stormy nights, in which vertiginous clouds enter the land from the sea, before triggering the storm, so his dreams were tinted with dense banks of clouds.

Night Eagle began to penetrate the haze, wanted to reach the end and the mist seemed increasingly impenetrable and infinite. He felt fear and returned in the dream, through the mist. He struggled to get out of the emptiness and desolation that nothingness produce.

He wanted to reach the safety and light of his memories. Suddenly, the fog began to thin and gradually appeared small spaces of lucidity and clarity, but suddenly felt as if his body was falling freely from a cliff. A shocking scream bounced in the vertical walls of the mountain. It was his voice, but at the same time he did not feel he was screaming.

His body vibrated; the air blow by the speed of the fall. His head was ahead and the arms fully extended. Despite being at night, his eyes perceived energy that all bodies fired, allowing him to see through a strange and opaque