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was managed with military discipline. In fact, in the House of young people, they were taught the handling of weapons, in particular hunting, but without a military sense.

One afternoon, when young people were arriving to an instruction session, their teacher waited them to settle in their petates and when there was a total silence; with strong, sonorous voice, he began to say:

"You, owner of nearby and the together, omnipresent,
here we give you pleasure,
next to you nothing is missed,
Oh Life giver!

You only assess us as a flower,
so we are withering, your friends.
As an emerald,
You break us in pieces.
as a painting,
you thus delete us!

Everyone will leave to the region of the dead,
to the commonplace for losing us.
What are we to you, oh God?
Thus we live.
This is how, in the place of our loss,
such we are gradually losing ourselves.
We the men, where will we have to go?

That is why I cry,
because you get tired,
Oh life giver!
Jade breaks down,
quetzal tears apart.
you are mocking us.
We no longer exist.
Are we nothing for you?
You destroy us,