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you make us disappear.

But you share your gifts,
Nobody says, being with you
that lives in abject poverty.
There is a sprout of precious stones,
quetzal feathers flourish,
Are these your heart, life giver?"

When Smoky mirror finished, the room had a solemn silence. The impact of the words, as accurate darts, touched the hearts of these young people, who had never before heard something like this.

—These are ancient words of "Flower and song", immemorial inheritance of our noble and wise ancestors. For many bundles of years, the old Toltec grandparents taught the beautiful art of "Flower and song", which is food for our souls; the light of the great walkers; it is a delicious nectar, which flourishes in our hearts. What do you young people think of what you heard?

The students were amazed; they looked at each other and remained silent. Then Night Eagle quickly stood up and with his head down said:

—With your permission, Venerable teacher; it is the voice of a warrior naming our Lord, the impalpable, the invisible, he who invents himself. He is named “Omnipresent”, because the warrior expresses that being next to the beloved Lord, nothing is missing. But that despite being his friends, we die, we disappear from Earth. Then the warrior asks, what are we to him?"

Smoky mirror then said:

—The old grandparents said from the beginning of time; that the only way of speaking true words, capable of introducing root in man, is through the path of the flowers and the songs,