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because only based on "Flower and Song", is how the precious stone inside of us can be sculpted and polished.

It is your duty to know this song of flowers, that it will sustain and sculpt your soul. Because old grandparents said it to grandparents and to the children of their children, from bundle of years to bundle of years (generation to generation), and today you must learn "the old word", so that tomorrow, your children and their children's children keep in their hearts, the memory of these noble and wise men, who lived long before us; because tomorrow others will ask about us. This is the custom, which is life. Would someone else like to ask something? Asked Smoky mirror.

Then Dawn deer stood up with the same humility of his cousin and said:

—Respectable teacher, for many moons I wonder at this venerable House, where do we come from? Why do we exist? Where are we going after death? My heart is afflicted, because I cannot find a satisfying answer. Why live? How to live? If we do not know where we come from, why learn, suffer, loves work, struggle... anyway, why live this life and where do we go afterwards.

Then Smoky mirror outlined a tender satisfaction smile, —this litter of puppies is promising, he thought. Expectation was growing among the students, who vibrated similarly. Smoky mirror replied:

—I see that the good effects of this Studies Center begin to flourish in your heart and your head; as beautiful flowers words of ideas begin to bloom in you. Well then, I'm going to tell you, what at the beginning of the times, the old grandparents said, of how the world was created:

—"It was referred, it was said
that as such there were already four ages,
and that this was the fifth age.