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As the elders knew,
in the year one rabbit
earth and sky were founded.
And such they knew,
that when earth and sky were founded,
already had existed four classes of men,
four kinds of lives.
They also knew that in each of them
a Sun had existed .

And they said that first men
Were made by their God, forged from ash.
This was attributed to the Feathered Serpent,
whose sign is seven wind.
He made them, he invented them.
The first Sun was founded,
its sign was four water.
was called the Water Sun.
In it happened
that everything was taken by water.
People turned to fish.

Then the second Sun was founded
Its sign was four jaguar
in it happened
that the sky was pressed,
the Sun did not follow its path.
When the Sun reached midday,
then it was night
and when it was dark
jaguars ate people.
And in this Sun giants lived
said the elder
that Giants thus greeted:
"do not fall"
because who falls,