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fell forever.

They the third Sun was founded.
His sign was four rain.
Said to be Sun of fire rain
Those alive were burned.
And during its period also rained sand.
And they said that also rained
the pebbles that we see,
that the tezontle stone boiled
and then the rocks turned red.

His sign was four winds
then the fourth Sun was founded.
Was called Wind Sun.

During this sun, everything was taken by the wind.
Everyone became monkeys.
They spread through the mountains,
They went to live as monkey-men.

The Fifth Sun:
Its sign is four movement.
It is called Sun movement,
because it moves, follows its path.
And as the elders say,
in it there will be earth movement,
there will be hunger
and so we will perish,
in the year thirteenth year cane, it is said that came to be
the Sun that exists now
it was then that illuminated,
at dawn,
the movement Sun that now exists.
four movement is its sign.
This is the Fifth Sun which was founded
in it there will be earth movements,