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in it there will be famines.

This Sun named four movement
this is our Sun,
in which we live now,
and here is its sign,
how fell into the Sun fire
of our Prince, in Tula
that is the Feathered Serpent."

—Does it mean, venerable teacher, that there have been four eras before ours; that there have been four Humanities, who have preceded us here on Earth, —Dawn deer exclaimed surprised.

It is so, actually our old and wise grandparents, say that there is nothing new under the Sun, that everything is a never-ending spiral, as a great cosmic serpent; everything is a constant repeat; that everything happens again, but not at the same time... as our calendar. Smoky mirror said in a severe voice.

—Venerable teacher —asked Night Eagle—. If as the old grandparents say, that there have been four previous attempts to find human perfection on Earth, how is it that our humanity, our people, our era is born?

—Well —Smoky mirror replied— Here's the story as told by the old grandparents:

"When it was still night, when there was no day, when there was not yet light, they met, called the gods, back in the land where men learns to be God. They said, they talked among themselves, —Come here, oh gods! Who will take upon himself, who will take care of making days? That there is light?— From all the gods, only two volunteered; one was the Snail Lord, pretty, beautiful; the other was Pustule Lord, poor and full of wounds. Then the two set out to do penitence.