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However the Lord of the snails was so flashy that instead of doing penance, filled the gods with jewels, gold and quetzal feathers. On the other hand Pustule Lord, made with his blood and flesh, the sacrifice, as he tried to throw himself to the cosmic fire, which the gods had prepared. The first to attempt a leap into the great fire was Snail Lord, but indecision and fear prevented him.

Immediately jumped Pustule Lord with courage and determination; upon seeing this, full of shame Snail Lord jumped. The two gods were then consumed by the purifying fire, while the other gods waited. Soon after Pustule Lord appeared on the East converted into a splendid and bright sun and later Snail Lord also appeared very brightly, and to prevent the Sun and the Moon from being together, one of the gods took a rabbit and threw it on the face of Snail Lord, thus becoming the Moon, hence the moon has a rabbit figure.

The sun and the moon were already there but they were not moving; then, the other gods had to sacrifice, so that the sun and the moon moved and men could live. Therefore the men of the Fifth Sun, are called "Deserving", because we are worthy of life, thanks to the gods self-sacrifice.

Afterwards, the Feathered Serpent undertook the task of restoring men on earth and providing sustenance. This is how the Feathered Serpent starts a trip to the place of the dead, in search of "precious bones", relics of the previous Sun men and that served the Feathered Serpent to create new men. For this task, he was helped by his double, worms, ants, and bees and with the help of "Witch of war", ground precious bones, then sacrificing the Feathered Serpent, by bleeding his penis, gave them life again. This is how this Sun was created in which we live and the humanity that we are; as such it was stated by the old grandparents and it happened as such."

All students were eager; they were talking of very ancient and sacred things. Smoky mirror was encouraged by the