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interest of young apprentices; it was then that Night eagle spoke again:

—Dear teacher; must we understand that sacrifice is the energy that moves the world? The almighty gods sacrificed themselves so that we were born, and we had Sun, Moon movement and livelihood.

Somehow —responded Smoky mirror—, I cannot tell you now... you would not understand. But the truth is that spiritual sacrifice is the energy that drives the universe as we know it. And I think that it is enough for today, because it time to go to the House of Song.

Two moons went by, in which Night Eagle and Dawn deer went to rest with their parents. During the day they were helping in the field, but in the evening they met to continue talking about their origins. It was one afternoon in the patio of the House of Night Eagle parents that his cousin told him that his heart was left with a maiden named “Paloma Pequeña” (Little Dove), who he saw every day in the House of Song. Dawn deer told his cousin that always he managed to have her as companion in the ritual dances and that his heart was restless to see her again. Night Eagle kept a respectful silence and recalled the words of his father.

The boys continued their instruction. It had exactly been ten years since they entered the House of young people. Not only Night Eagle and Dawn deer had grown and developed their bodies, all the boys had changed; both physically and spiritually and this is could be seen on their behavior.

On certain occasion, as the afternoon instruction began, with their teacher Smoky mirror, he spoke unto them of what was a wise man, in the words of the old grandparents.

—"The wise man: a light, a torch
a thick torch that does not smoke