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A drilled mirror,
a mirror drilled on both sides.
His is the black and red ink,
His are the codices.

He himself is writing and wisdom,
Is the way, everyone accurate guide.

Leads people and things,
is guide for human business

The true Sage is careful
and guard tradition
his is wisdom transmitted,
he is who teaches,
Follows the truth,
Do not let anyone reprimand him.

Makes other faces wise,
makes other take a personality
makes them develop it.
Opens their ears, enlightens them
is a teacher's guide,
gives them their way,
one depends on him.

Places a mirror in front of us,
Makes them sane, careful;
Makes a personality appear in them.

Locks into things,
regulates his way,
offers and orders.
Apply his light on the world.

Knows what is upon us
and, in the region of the dead.