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Is a moderate man
anyone is comforted by him,
is corrected, is taught
thanks to him people humanizes
helps, remedies, cure all."

After a long pause, Night Eagle turned to his teacher saying:

—Venerable teacher, I have heard with attention the words of the old and wise grandparents in your voice; one by one they fell like precious stones into the pond of my soul and its waves still shakes my body. I am grateful for the generous education that was given to us; there is no wealth to pay... perhaps only in life itself and with others. However, I would like to ask a question in the most respectful way, a question that has been around in my head: Venerable teacher, where are they now, the sons of the sons of the wise and old grandparents?

Many of his colleagues did not understand Night Eagle question, but Smoky mirror and Night Eagle, were united in a deep stare. It seemed that there was a light bridge between the two. These were not challenging looks, or anger; but rather an encounter stare.

Smoky mirror confirmed that the young man was a high flying eagle. The sympathy felt for the young turned to committed interest. Many teachers, better than him, had given their life in teaching and never found a pupil as Night Eagle. This young man represented more than a challenge to the master, represented the opportunity to transcend beyond teaching.

From that evening onwards, Smoky mirror made the teaching hours deeper and more interesting. Young people are vital and uncontrollable. Night Eagle leadership was unquestioned. The