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Slowly light began entering through his eyes windows, something more than light entered his body and flooded it with confidence and tranquility.

When he had the total perception of their surroundings, he saw that he was standing in front of a huge cross made with two large timbers. When he saw the cross, he had a memory or a feeling, telling him, that he had already been there and that his home, Etla Valley, was inland on the other side the mountains.

With fullness and vitality, immediately headed for the rugged mountains. An inner joy, a serene rejoice pushed him. On each stretch of the road, came not understood memories, unexplained images, which although he did not understand, he knew they had to do with his past. Emotion vibrated in his throat, when from the top of the mountain range, saw the beautiful valleys that went to the foot of the mountain range. An immense sky blue, clean, and transparent, covered the ochre lands. In the distance he saw another chain of mountains, on the horizon a profile was drawn in very dark blue tones. The warrior walked faster with emotion.

In few places of the world, earth and sky touch so intensely and crystal clear as in these valleys. Stalked by wild and deserted mountains; the valleys condense human energy and exalt into the atmosphere, uniting the human being, with the divine and sacred.

Each mountain is an energy mass, a consciousness separate from the other. The powerful and challenging mountains and high sky blue, transparent and luminous; represent a millennial multiplier of the spiritual force that communicates the sky with earth, men with the immeasurable and wonderful.

Night Eagle walked full of emotion. The generous valleys received him with flowers and aromas. Something inside told him that he was stepping on the land where he was born. At night, he reached a