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small farming community. He was invited to have dinner by the family that sheltered him.

Night Eagle had physically changed a lot. Those were intense years that he had lived in the land of the Feathered Serpent. Years of physical work, suffering, of intense profane life, surrounded by common people immersed in common actions.

The fresh and young expression of the young man, who one day came out of the Etla Valley, was now converted into the face of a mature man. With tanned skin and callused hands. His hair now had a reddish color, from the years he lived as a fisherman by the sea. His body had fully grown, without losing strength and elasticity. But what changed the most were his face and especially his deep stare.

Temperance and sobriety were features that dominated his expression, now quiet and serene. His look conveyed peace and confidence. An impassive face, that seemed to have seen everything in life; but above all, a strong and relaxed stare, full of humility and wisdom.

The presence of Night Eagle emanated respect and admiration. The peasants without asking knew that the walker was a very special man, so immediately, as is an ancient custom of the men in the field, they gave him their humble hospitality.

Night Eagle sat on a stone near the fire, where three women made tortillas on a red clay comal, which was supported by three large stones. Around the comal were three men and two young men, beyond, distant and respectful, five children of different ages, attentively listening to the adult conversation and patiently waiting for their turn, to receive their tortilla; all drank atole from clay containers. In a molcajete was a tasty sauce. For farmers dinner time is very special. It is the most familiar space, where the ambiance darkness