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as there were roads and small houses complexes around the fields. Large series of channels, where water flowed feeding the Valley. This water came from the large mountains in the eastern side.

As he walked down from some hills he saw in the distance the city of the Etla Valley. A huge pyramid towered, which was in a very large square, with stairs facing the west.

Night Eagle walked with the heart in hands. That land spoke to his spirit and his body recognized it. The warrior's mind was confused; because he wanted rationalize his feelings.

Upon entering the center of the city, Night Eagle went to the House of all, place citizens were attended by the authorities. After waiting for his turn he was attended by he who speaks, who felt very moved by Night Eagle story, but he said that he did not remember a person named Night Eagle and did not known his family. He was then sent to the land administrator, he would perhaps have some information. The administrator did not know him or remembered, so he sent him to the person in charge of the work in the middle, because he knew all the families that were obligated to cooperate with voluntary work, for the projects and improvements to the community. Nobody one knew him or remembered.

Night Eagle was internally confused. His body almost spoke, as he fully recognized that place, his mind was trapped and confused between unbelief, excitement and frustration; and his feelings at the time were exalted by the possibility that someone would give information about him and his family, and when they told him that they did not know him, the sadness and pain overtook his heart.

Night Eagle was taken to the administrators of the four quarters; no one knew him. He spoke with priests of the