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temples of the city and did not get an answer. Finally back went back to he who speaks and he told him to speak with the authorities of row of houses, that maybe they knew something of his past.

When he reached the site where long ago he studied, his body vibrated with emotion. These old walls immediately recognized him as one of its best fruits, not so the teachers and instructors, because such a long time had passed since his departure, the older had died and the others didn't know him.

Night Eagle was invited to stay at the school. The Venerable Teacher of the House of measure said that he needed to stop the world, undo its tumult and regroup emotionally. He said that he had lost his balance, so he needed to withdraw himself, that perhaps through isolation he could reach him clarity. —"You must calm your heart"—, the Venerable Teacher told him.

During a moon, Night Eagle was isolated in a small room. He had engaged in an internal struggle that tore him. Everything was for him, confusion and pain. The long search for his home had led him to a place in which nobody knew him. He was a man without a face and his heart was torn and confused, in a stormy sea of semi-memories and mixed feelings. In his chest only remain the deepest and most desolate sadness.

Without knowing his history, without the inner strength given by identity, he was nothing more than a leaf in the wind; an ignorant stranger of his own life, a foreigner in his own destiny. Life in this way made no sense. Live in the hollow of live just for living, to do just to do, lacking a direction, a purpose, an inner strength.

Desolation grew largely; the anguish of not knowing who he was in life overcame him without truce. Sadness was rapidly expanding, first throughout his body, then entered his torn heart and began to climb all his feelings. Night Eagle did not want to eat and wanted to die of sorrow.