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One evening he was lying in his petate waiting for death, he began to hear a buzz resembling a bumble bee. Then he saw in the total darkness of the small room, a speck of light. He thought that it was the product of his weakness. The speck began to grow. The light projected was white with a light blue tone. The light grew the size of an avocado and later became a cross, to finally become the white-haired elder, who accompanied him during the return journey.

The old man he smiled to the Warrior.

Night Eagle had no forces even to talk. He stared at the old man with a deep gaze and tears rolled from his eyes.

The old man, without talking, told him that Night Eagle was a warrior and that warriors do not concede death like that; that a warrior fights until the end, letting his spirit flow, without interest for victory or defeat, but the exercise of his impeccability. That a warrior is trained for war and therefore has strengthened his body; tempered his will and tuned his spirit. A warrior is not to die as an old dog. A warrior fights until his last moment. A warrior never surrenders to anything and much less to death.

Night Eagle felt that his body temperature rose. A powerful energy current ran through him. The old man ordered him to get up and follow him; he turned around and left the room. The warrior felt this body unresponsive and suddenly, he was already up, but he looked over and saw his body lying in the petate sleeping. He followed the white-haired man. Did not walk, he slid impulsed by his will. He went by the buildings of the House of measure and reached a pyramid complex.

He entered a patio surrounded by four high and steep pyramids. In the center of the square, was a rectangular stone oriented north-south. The old man ordered him to lay down on the