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The afternoon was cool, although it had just rain, the sky was clean and clear. A heavy bank of clouds rested on the range to the east of the valley. A smell of damp earth mixed with the flowers and herbs aromas of the field. The land had been prepared for sowing and its color was dark.

Night Eagle lay down at the top of the stone and was stroking her. He spoke very softly and rubbed against it. He asked for advice to solve his problem. The warrior fell asleep.

Then a warrior appeared wearing a splendid plume of feathers, spread like a Sun; on his forehead had the head of a dried snake. A band of rattlesnake skin passed through his forehead and adjusted to his head. By the temples, the tails of two snakes came down with their rattles reaching his shoulders.

In the face he wore a nose gold fitting and his face was painted red and black. He wore a cloak and a white cotton cloth. Night Eagle got up immediately and the warrior told him he was the keeper of the stone.

The Sun was hiding behind the cloud people mountains and in the eastern mountains a strong storm had started. In the distance he could see heavy gray clouds, discharging on a part of the Valley and on the slopes of the mountains. A fresh wind was blowing from the North.

The warrior keeper spoke to Night Eagle:

—Sacrifice is the essence of life. Mankind has come to sacrifice in this land. You well know that we are only in passing here. We are going to our true home.

Warriors, does not matter what knowledge they possess, are just human beings, caught up in the everyday world. There are two kinds