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of sacrifice in life. The first is that of the common man, which generates the existence in the everyday world. The second is selected by the warrior, aimed at purifying his spirit, warming the heart and strengthen his body. The two sacrifices bring suffering and pain. The difference is that the first is sterile and the second produces flourished hearts and free spirits. While one is born in pettiness and is a product of clumsiness; the second is the shining path of the warrior, his temper, his florid battle, his intimate predilection.

There are two ways of dealing with life, the one seeking pleasure running away from pain; and the one that assumes sacrifice as a personal decision and selects the personal battlefield.

Human beings have come to earth to suffer. The difference is that one such suffering weakens and destroys; and the other strengthens and prepares the warrior to for the flight to freedom.

You are a warrior, born on this land and you have fulfilled as very few with their destiny. A stage of your path was to form yourself and leave, to return with a teaching that the years of study in knowledge centers, could not give you. I am referring to the profane world, the everyday, to the everyday world, the world of men and their passions. As you know, equilibrium is the result of balancing the spiritual with the material and the rational with the irrational, the pair of complementing opposites with which the profane world is made.

You have been an immaculate warrior and you got lost in the depths of the everyday world and you were on the verge of not returning, but miraculously you are here. The spirit of the warrior forged you and transcended.

You have invested many years of your life in this test of knowledge; so many that no one remembers you now that you have returned, because you also managed to impeccably disappear off the face of earth and that's only achieved by immaculate warriors. You shall never again be