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the central part of the cross. The entrance was made from below and the exit of the buried had to be from the center on top.

When they finished removing the last stone of the upper tunnel, light fully penetrated, illuminating the cross; because the walls covered with gold sheets, the light rays were multiplied and produced a very special light effect, because it seemed that light flowed from the underground cross, and from the light the warrior, now clean and clear, calm and quiet.

In the afternoon Night Eagle spoke with respectable Teacher of the House of measure and confirmed his decision.

Night Eagle had decided to take his life.

At the top of a hill, Night Eagle saw the Lord of fire darts sink in the distant mountains. At his feet was the beautiful Etla Valley, with its cultivated land and the peasants’ houses, fire at the homes, produced plumes of blue smoke out the sky, where herons and grackles flew, searching for their nests.

The town was preparing to receive the night. Night Eagle was preparing to receive death. The warrior had cut the few links he had with this world. His decision was born from the depths of his being.

Many years had passed since the day he came out of this town in search of knowledge. Their temples now were gray and in his body, showed the years lived in search of his identity.

The warrior had been impeccable in his task; he had managed to erase himself from this world, without a trace. No one recognized him, nobody knew him, and he had managed to dissolve his personal importance in the darkness of the night. He had managed to break the walls of the "I" and crossed the borders of the unnamable. The challenge to become