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nothing, in order to be everything. To be and not be, to become invisible and impalpable, dissolve into nothingness.

Night Eagle did not looked for anything in this world any longer, He didn't have anything to hold on, had fulfilled his destiny and was free. Death in this way was the beginning of a new cycle and his personal decision.

The priests, leaders, or administrators of his people, had not given him a satisfactory answer to the what to do in life. He was no longer interested over anything in this world and the death appeared attractive, a new and terrifying challenge.

The Venerable Teacher of the House of measure ordered that a procession took Night Eagle to Mictlán, the land of the place of the dead. Mictlán was in a valley to the east. There went to die all those who by their age, disease or desolation wanted to commit suicide.

The land of the place of the dead was constituted by five splendid architectural sets, which at the beginning of time, the old grandparents built around a deep cavern, which was the entrance to the lordship of the Lord and the Lady of death.

Night Eagle walked to that place, saying goodbye to this wonderful world. The sky, the light, the mountains and earth were appreciated with passion and intensity. The warrior knew that this was the last time that he would be in this planet and with all the quiet lust that he could develop, was saying farewell to everything he saw, smelled, heard and felt.

In the afternoon, the procession arrived in Mictlán, and Night Eagle was led, by four priests dressed in black clothes and bodies painted in red and black, to a room.

In the evening the high priest arrived and asked him the reason for taking the path to the place of the dead. Night Eagle told him