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Then he heard a voice in himself which said:

—You lost your human form; never again you will be as before, just started your journey into the unknown.

The sun began to decline towards the horizon. The atmosphere was covered with oranges and reds. The afternoon was especially bright. The Teacher and the warrior went to what was the southern pyramid, now converted into a rocky hill.

—Everything in the universe is composed of cycles, like night and day; now we have to leave this wonderful world, will go beyond the "plain".

Dear spirit warrior, hard-working man of knowledge, I have to tell you something very important. Night Eagle instinctively stopped breathing to listen closely. The Teacher looked at him straight in the eye; his gaze was deep and despite his serenity, showed a slight air of sadness.

You will not go with us; you will remain in this world!

Night Eagle felt a stab in the center of his being. He opened his eyes, as if wanting not having heard those words. A lifetime of sacrifice and effort devoted to prepare for the opportunity to obtain total freedom and in the last minute lose the chance. He felt as if losing the floor, to fall into confusion and desolation.

The eyes of the Teacher were focusing directly on the face of Night Eagle, who asked, with clear voice.

—In what have I failed, Venerable Teacher; I have dedicated my entire life to impeccably follow the lessons I've learned in DAANY BEÉDXE, what has been my clumsiness, what are my errors, that deny me the light opportunity? Said the warrior with a paused and firm voice, without reproach.