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In this attempt to write a novel, the life of our character “Aguila Nocturna” (Night Eagle) and a Zapotec community of the Oaxaca Central Valleys (Etla) intermingle with the ancient archaeological site known as Monte Alban and that probably was called the jaguar mountain, title of the novel in Zapotec (DAANY BEÉDXE) language.

Night Eagle is a man, who from childhood is elected by the "power", to follow the teachings of the old grandparents. In his course passes through studies centers (Calmécac and Telpochcalli) of the old Mexico. Due to his virtuosity, he is sent to Monte Alban to continue his preparation; There, after years of intensive studies and rigorous practices, he becomes a warrior and after facing a shocking initiation, in which he loses his memory, appears in the Yucatan Peninsula with the Mayan people, where he will have to recover his memory, as a final part of the test. After many experiences he manages to return to Monte Alban he experiences, what historians call the collapse of the late classical period, where it is supposed, that around 850 CE, most of the knowledge centers as Teotihuacán, Palenque, Monte Alban, etc., were destroyed and abandoned by its own inhabitants, without an explanation yet of this mysterious fact. The Warrior will be given a very important mission, to keep alive the ancient knowledge of the old grandparents up until today.

This work was especially made for young people. It is neither intended as an “epoch novel” nor historical. It is intended to offer a "dream", trying to create awareness of our ancient origins and to make the history of the old grandparents our own and be proud of it. We propose a "provocative dream", to begin the journey to the depths of our "being", to decolonize our perception of ourselves by knowing our true history. Because Mexicans cannot continue to deny their mother culture, ignoring the values of the ancient civilization. The 21st century Mexico will necessarily have to be built with the other half of