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paint very well, knows how to apply shadows, the far and the foliage.

The mason work is making admixtures, wetting them well, making lime paste, apply it and finish it, polish it to make it look good.

The medical doctor usually heals and remedies illnesses; the good doctor knows, is a connoisseur of herbs, stones, trees and roots. Is experienced in curing, knows about bones, purges, stitching and finally prevent the gates of death.

The orchard farmer work is sowing seeds, plants and trees. Dig and mix the land well. A good farmer is usually discreet, careful, has a prudent judgment and must learn to count time of the months and years.

The Potter is robust, light, well versed in clay, knows and thoroughly thinks the how and ways to make pots in any shape required.

The tailor knows cutting, proportions and properly sewing clothes. A good tailor is good worker, understanding and skillful, true to his craft.

Finally remember, dear youngsters, the most important thing is that whatever you are; is that, really love what you do, and feel passion and pride for doing it. Because only in this way may have a heart, strong like stone, a tough heart like a tree trunk; a wise and gentle face, and a skilled and sympathetic heart."

Six years had gone by in the House of the young, and Night Eagle was an outstanding young man. Over time a close friendship had developed between Smoky mirror and his young disciple. Night Eagle had become the leader of the institution. His sympathy was total; both from older boys, and younger people newly admitted.