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knowledge of our ancestors; in synthesis that you all become one of us.

Each of you, in time, will take their respective way, tomorrow shall govern the course of our people. Each will be where the community requires it. The bountiful land always jealous claim the loving work of their children, but each of you will also have a skill to be able to serve the community. In truth it does not matter what you do, what matters is how you do it; because if you don't, others will come and do it better than you. No one is special and important; the important thing will always be the community.

So, take responsibility for the decision to serve the people; it can be as a potter, goldsmith or painter, whatever it is does not matter. What is important is that you take responsibility for the decision to BE, because any job is only the means. The goal is to TRANSCEND THE BEING.

Know then, my youngsters, what the old grandparents said about trades in this world:

"The Carpenter shall do the following: cut with axe, straighten beams and make wooden pieces and saw, cut branches and split and split with wedges any wood.

A good carpenter often measures and compares wood with level; works it, shape it with a plane tool, make it even, joining it and properly place beams on walls; in short, be skilled in the profession.

The stonemason is powerful and strong, light and skillful in styling and carving any stone. The good Mason is understood and skillful in cutting the stone, smooth down, make corners and cut with wedges. Also in is work can draw a house, make good foundations, corners and make portals and windows adequately, sets adobes in place. The painter, in his work knows how to use colors, draw and trace figures with coal; makes good color blends, knows how to grind and prepare them. A good painter has good hand and grace while painting, blends