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even if it is gold,
will also have to go
to the place of the emaciated

But I say:
only in a short time
only as corn flower,
as such we have come to flourish
as such we have come to meet
over the land.

We only come to wither,
oh friends! Let the helpless disappear
let bitterness out,
let there be joy

Eagles and Jaguars!
one by one we shall perish
none will remain.
In peace and joy we shall live,
come and enjoy."

As you can see —said Smoky mirror— the problem of life and death, of BEING and TRANSCENDING, has no limits in time. For many bundles of years, many; the old grandparents raised this same issue, and there will be hundreds bundles of years more and men in the future will face the same problem.

It is customary and the mission of this institution to promote in your heart an own and true face; a personality. We would like for you to know the wise words of the old grandparents. That you achieve equilibrium, that you understand and revere "He for whom one lives", he who is night and wind, he who is here and everywhere at the same time, that you learn and respect the ancient conduct rules and social life; that you penetrate the augustan mysteries of the