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threw them on the crowd below around the trunk. It was a symbol of good luck; to get a piece of Amaranth and to eat it, it symbolized participation on the "fruit" of spiritual sacrifice. That night Dawn deer was treated as a hero.

At the end of this ceremony, the huge drums began to play a ritual dance. Girls and boys, adults, the elderly and the children had a place in the great plaza. As everyone had gone in their education to La Casa del Canto and as every year, the dance gained creative vitality and energy continuously. Dance rhythms were marked by the majestic and sonorous drums, marine snails were heard consistently.

The dance was magic; each dancer lost their individuality as they focused on the sound and the steps.

It was strange, but happened to all. The drums rhythm achieved a perfect sync with the body; and with Earth and all together with heaven. Time passed and people were not tired, on the contrary, it seemed that the more they danced the more energy they received. The town was then a single body, a single rhythm, a single step, a single spirit in communion.

One day Smoky mirror talked to the young people:

—The old grandparents have left us their wise words, in order to live better. There is nothing new in the world, everything is repeated.

This is why I now wish to declaim an old poem, that I learned here, when I was young like:

—"Eagles and Jaguars!
One by one we shall perish,
none shall remain
meditate it, oh! Princes
even if its jade,