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and with 40 pairs of young people, the tree started its route to the town. In front were the priests conducting hymns and smoking the way, followed by the young people with the tree and finally to teachers and instructors. When they arrived at the gates of the town, women with gourds of fresh chocolate were already waiting. The tree was taken to the Center of the village. In the square, in front of the great pyramid, a deep hole had been previously dug, where the tree would be placed. At that time sea snails began sounding at the four quarters, signal that all men should help to lift the huge tree; they all called "the fruit".

Carpenters polished the tree and three men placed beautiful figures on amate paper. Next to the trunk, maidens from "the house of the young women", made a human figure using Amaranth seeds with honey, this figure was also decorated with paper and huge amaranth balls in the hands, resembling tamales. The human figure was placed at the end of the tree, which would be at the top. The tree was finally hoisted with many difficulties.

That evening families gathered around grandparents or older siblings. It was the tradition to bake a tasty corn bread, made only on this day. First in every home and then in the square was a ceremony, in which the basic joy, was the effort made during the year, to be the best of themselves and share the fruit. Then a great bonfire was set, which recalled that where the gods had sacrificed themselves and making a contrition act, the family first and then the people sought to throw their sins, bad wishes and thoughts into the purifying fire. "The fruit of that sacrifice was family and collective well-being and harmony."

Late at night the young people prepared to climb the huge trunk, which had been polished, and had wild boar lard smeared. The stronger and better equipped, were struggling to the first to get to the top. To Night Eagle surprise, Dawn deer was the first to get to the tip of the trunk, took the figures and