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physical development, and will wander about colorless and skinny. You will be like a brat and fainted; sick, and you will soon be old and bitter, and when you marry, you will be like the maguey, which may not give honey because they took it before time, and when they try to get honey, nothing will come out, so will be discarded; likewise you wife will do; as you are already dry and finished, not having anything to give, you will say no more; then she will reject you because you did not satisfy her desires and will look at another man, because you'll already be exhausted you will make her commit adultery, because you destroyed yourself carelessly, delivering yourself to woman before time and so you’re finished before your time".

In the House of the young people great preparations were being made, they were about to celebrate the tenth month festival called "the fall of the twenty-four fruits". Like everything in the legacy of old grandparents, it had to do with the collection of orchards fruit, but symbolically represented the good fortune of the people and its fruits, which were shown at the heart of their children. The House of the youth participation in the yearly twenty parties was common. In the early morning students marched singing the corresponding hymns, heading to the densest part of the forest, outside the Valley in the mountains. At sun rise in the horizon, youngsters came to a huge pine tree, which had previously been selected by teachers and priests. The ceremony started immediately asking the Lord of the forest. They begged for one of his sons, the immense pine, since they needed it for the party. They told him it would be treated with respect and that in exchange, they brought him tamales and atole, beans and corn seeds.

Then another similar ceremony was conducted, and the high priest of the House of the youth explained to the tree what would be its fate; he was asked for its cooperation and apologized for cutting it and taking it away.

Thereafter, the immense pine was cut, between prayers and hymns by the young people. Removed all branches and with ropes,