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music, dance, painting. The life of the community revolves around the divine and sacred. For this reason, life had to be mystical and spiritual; on a daily basis and even unintentionally, as traditions, forms, uses, festivities and millenary customs, guided vigorous and absolutely all spaces of social and private life to the spiritual. During the constant visits by the Owl man, the cousins had many questions to the wise man. The boys seemed to be a couple of sponges, which wanted to absorb all the possible knowledge from the generous man. In less than five days, Dawn deer was completely restored. On his head and his heart was again balance. He fully understood the words of Owl man when he said:

—"Listen well to what I'm going to say, Dawn deer, young boy, precious stone, hope of our tomorrow; understand that because you have possibilities of multiplying yourself, your body already has the human seed. And for generation and multiplication Gods established, that a woman needs a man and a man needs a woman; but it needs to be done with temperance, discretion and at its time. Do not throw yourself to a woman as a dog throws himself to swallow food given to him, giving yourself to a woman before time; resist even if you have appetite for the woman, resists to your heart until you're already a perfect and strong man; see that if the maguey opens too small to remove honey, does not have substance nor honey, but it is lost; before opening the maguey to get honey, they let it grow up and come to its perfection, and then honey is removed.

This is why you have to, before you have a woman, allow time for you to grow and develop, and be a perfect man, which will be the right time for the wedding. You will thus father children of good stature and strong bodies, light, beautiful and good faces. It will be the time that you will be strong and skillful for body work and you will be light, strong and diligent; and if by misfortune extravagantly and before time you surrender to carnal delight, the old grandparents stated, you will be diminished, will never achieve full