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Immediately Night Eagle ran to meet him.

Do not worry —said Owl Man—. Nothing serious happened to your cousin, what happens is that Dawn deer has his thoughts and feelings out of place, are overwhelmed. His spirit is not at peace, in order, and his body suffers this, his body protest. The body is a divine good that "He for whom one lives" has given us, but he is very fragile, very tender. Not so his mind and feelings.

Dawn deer has fallen in love with and his river carries more turbulent water than it can handle. Almost all the body ills, are generated by thoughts, emotions and feelings. Dawn deer must order his thoughts and his feelings in peace. To restore his energy balance, will have to make some sacrifices.

By sunset, Dawn deer had already bathed and began the ceremony in search of his balance. After praying to the Supreme divinity for a long time and accompanied by one of the institution priests, began to puncture some special points of his body with maguey tips, despite being very acute, they shot drops of blood. The old grandparents since immemorial times had taught their grandchildren to heal the body, restoring energy balance through this ritual, which distributed and rechanneled the energies that flow in the body.

The whole life of the people was closely linked to the divine and sacred. The old grandparents had spoken of the sacrifice and purification that the gods made to create the Sun and this humanity. And if so, men are the "honored" by the gods sacrifice, life was completely dedicated to thank them and to venerate them for their sacrifice.

Hence, everything that exists in the life of the people, has to do with the gods. The work of the field, food, clothing, construction, medicine, science, count of time and celestial mechanics, the games and the relationship with the animal, vegetable and mineral; as well as