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thirteen, which prevents any day repeating itself with a number in 260 times.

So it was that the old grandparents bequeathed three ways of measuring the same time, only for different things. The first count of 365 days helps us with the sowing cycle and festivities to venerate to the different devotions that manifest "He for whom one lives” that have no name or form, nor can be touched. The second count of 52 years helps us measure the great cycles and name the years. The third count of 260 days helps us know the fate of human beings. That is, how the old grandparents have bequeathed their wisdom that mainly comes from millenary observation of celestial mechanics and nature. Suffice then to be attentive observers, to get closer to the mysteries of the old grandparents". Smoky mirror concluded.

One morning as all, to boys awoke at the sound of the marine snails. In brief moments the bedroom was on the move, everyone knew what had to be done, only one petate was still extended.

Dawn deer had spent the night with high fever, but did not want to bother anyone. Now he was deeply asleep. Immediately the boys called their instructors as it was common in these cases, the young man was separated from others and taken to a special room of regular dimensions with four wooden bases for petates and in the background a beautiful altar with some representations of the Supreme divinity. There were flowers permanently and incense was burned. Later came the “Hombre Buho” (Owl man), to heal Dawn deer. He took strange herbs and resins from his sack and burned them incense. He asked Night Eagle, which so far had not separated from his cousin, to leave them alone in the room. It took a long time, until Owl man came out.