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town Tutelary Hill that protects people and mountains. The fourteenth month is consecrated to the cloud serpent deity. The fifteenth month is once again dedicated to the divinity of the left handed Hummingbird, where women and men, will fight together to become the best of themselves. The sixteenth month is dedicated to the rain deity, here penance is made and pray for rains. The seventeenth month is dedicated to the divinity of motherhood, prays for all pregnant women. The eighteenth and last month, is dedicated to the resurrection in the name of the fire divinity that cleanses and purifies through spiritual sacrifice.

The second form of time counting, taught by the old grandparents, is by 52 bundle of years, cosmic cycles organized as follows: we have a thirteen years and each one has a number and a name; so we have: 1 rabbit, 2 cane, 3 Flint, 4 House, 5 rabbit, 6 cane, 7 Flint, 8 House, 9 rabbit, 10 cane, 11 Flint, 12 House and 13 rabbit. This calendar is made with four thirteen year periods, which gives us 52 years, because four by thirteen is 52 years, exact period of time in which earth revolves around the seven stars that are together and are known as "the seven that shine". The first thirteen period begins with 1 rabbit and ends with 13 rabbit, the second with 1 cane and ends with 13 cane, the third begins with 1 Flint and ends with 13 Flint and fourth starts with 1 House and ends with 13 House; After completing the 4 thirteen year periods, a new bundle starts a new year with 1 Rabbit tied and so on infinitely, because every 52 years the same year repeats. Each thirteen year period in addition to having a symbol has a course for Earth; the East is represented by the thirteen year period beginning with cane, the West House, the North Flint and South rabbit.

The third form in which the old grandparents taught us to count time, is called "Destines Count”, because the old grandparents said, that all living beings of the universe, including the stars, are intimately linked in a perfect equilibrium and is determined as follows: the count is divided into four groups of five thirteen years each, or 20 thirteen year periods making a total of 260 days. The days are counted and are accompanied by a number from one to