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The first calendar bequeathed by the old grandparents, consists of 18 months with 20 days each month; so 18 by 20, are 360 days, plus 5 uncertain days with each year, gives a total of 365 days. Each month is divided into four groups of five days, the fifth being dedicated to the market.

Also, in the year we celebrate 16 different invocations of "The one for whom one lives", in 16 months of 20 days each; and in two 20 days months, we celebrated 4 devotions of 10 days each, making a total of 20 devotions celebrations in 18 months; again, 18 times 20 equal to 360 days.

Each month in turn, have very old meaning as stated by the old grandparents. The first month is dedicated to the Water Lord and we pray to him for rain for the crops. The second month is assigned to the Emaciated Lord, drives us to think about the need to break from our spirit, all those material particles that condemn it to corruption and thereby to the death. The third month is dedicated to the first flowers of the year and the sick are taken to be cleansed from bad energy. The fourth month is dedicated to the maize deity and our livelihood. The fifth month is dedicated to education, the carving of the precious stone that we all carry within. The sixth month goes to the family unit and to again ask for rains. The seventh month is dedicated to women, especially the grandmothers and pregnant women, as well as the deity invocation represented by salt. The eighth month is dedicated to the deity of the cobs of tender corn, this month food provisions are made for the poor and needy. The ninth month pays cult to left handed Hummingbird, as internal invocation of the internal war that we all must face, to overcome our weaknesses. The tenth month is dedicated to the domestic fire divinity, which is the oldest energy that all of us carry inside and that moves the world. The eleventh month is offered to our grandmother, our heritage, our tradition. The twelfth month is dedicated to the arrival of all the divinities in which "He for whom one lives for" are represented. The thirteenth month is the festivity of the