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space and distance, being next to everything, everything is also next to him; our great almighty Lord, he for who we live; him who is invisible as the night and impalpable as the wind. Our Lord, he who nobody invented, he invented himself.

That evening, in the "House of music and song", young people danced and sang; the heart of Night Eagle moved faster than his feet. A wealth of questions danced on his head.

In those years of training, Night Eagle had managed to strengthen his body, night baths, long walks and the work, helped him achieve his full physical development. But at the same time, he had achieved self-control, discipline, responsibility, attention development, concentration and retention. The frugality and practice of the knowledge of the old grandparents had tempered his spirit and refined his mind. Night Eagle flourished his body and his spirit; teachers, priests and peers saw in him, the spirit of the institution.

On another occasion Smoky mirror spoke to the young people:

—Here in the House of youth, teachers and instructors have tried to convey the knowledge of the old and wise grandparents. Celestial mechanics, the laws of "our dear mother" and all her children: animals, plants and minerals; our history; our customs; of how the black and red ink in the books remain; of the count of days; how to speak and behave among ourselves; of how to build and farm, how to cure and how to enjoy and play; how to worship the diverse manifestations of the divine; of how one become "people", and to become a "citizen".

There is very little to go, so that some of you finish your instruction in our honorable House. Some will marry and form family; others, the more advanced, will go to the institution called the