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House of measure, there will have to continue your studies to serve the community with greater responsibility, wisdom and success.

Today I want to talk to you about how old grandparents taught us to organize ourselves... to govern us among us. Just as "He for whom one lives" manifests itself in a "divine duality", which is a unit consisting of two different parts, but complementary. Just as day and night, cold and hot; thus the "divine duality", generator of everything, is half man, half woman, female and male. Also, who directs and administers all in our community, is a complementary pair. One is who administers, called woman serpent; the other is the executor, called "Who speaks". As a man and woman in a House, a family, such as the right arm and the left arm, such is how they perform.

But as any living organism, it has a head that thinks, that analyzes and reflects. This head is the Council of elders which is composed of twelve venerable men, who throughout their life, have served and served well to our people. They have had charges, from those serving below, carrying the rod and the messages, from their youth. They have had to go through all the jobs, little by little, serving the people, in the eyes of all. They have left their hearts and kidneys, in the land worked for service of our gods in the Organization and implementation of the "middle work” that is nobodies and benefits all; to build houses and temples, roads and schools. They who have been exemplary sons, brothers and fathers. They who have been able of being worthy guides of our parties and honest and efficient civil servants for the Government of our people. They are our pride and our example, with all our admiration. They who have walked upright and straight throughout their life in front of the whole community.

These twelve venerable elders analyze and advice to the two "Servers"; one that governs and the other administers, forming the Supreme Council. Together with the Assembly of the people, this is