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symbolic manner, but at the same time effectively, enabling man to lead his life in search of balance and transcendence.

For this reason, prepared men are required that know the substance and the form of our religion. Men who have assumed the teachings of "He for whom one lives" and implement it in everyday life; humble, virtuous men who are willing to completely devote their life and without reservations, to the religion long ago given by the wise old grandparents.

It is our responsibility to awaken in you the feeling of love and sacrifice for the spiritual development of our people. It shall be your responsibility, to find the flourished path of your life, in order to better serve its people and honor the memory of our wise ancestors.

Night Eagle then understood the ancient passion of his people for religion; the deep mysticism that surrounded people everyday life activities. Religion was present in absolutely everything, and it was the purest spirituality expression; precisely, the most precious old grandparents inheritance!

This was how, Night Eagle and his peers discovered through instruction, the philosophical background of their ancient religion. Gradually, without haste, young people were building a temple to the wisdom of the old grandparents deep in their heart, and at the same time, without realizing it, they were creating a sense of responsibility and commitment to the destiny of their people.

North wind taught them that behind each divinity existed a value or a truth. That the divinities were metaphorical symbols that helped human being guide their existence through rites.