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That in fact there was only a single Supreme Divinity that no one created, as "he was self-invented". This divinity is everywhere; is invisible and impalpable. The old grandparents called him "The omnipresent", since he owned space and distance, while being next to everything, everything is also next to him.

The first humanized representation of this divinity was the Divine Duality, from where detaches: from the two, the Lord as the male part and the Lady as the feminine part; understanding that every unity is made up of a complementing pair, masculine and feminine.

The most important knowledge that wise men and old the grandparents left in religion, was that everything in the world was made up of two kinds of energy. One is luminous energy that reaches us in principle from the Sun. This energy reaches Earth in its purest state, such as light; but which, through successive condensation gradually forms all that on earth we can see and touch: animals, plants and minerals. The magic of this divine transformation occurs through water and photosynthesis.

The second energy, opposite and complementing the first; is spiritual energy, which gives life, the consciousness of being to the first luminous energy. Thus, spiritual energy will make the difference between a rock and a rabbit; because in principle the two consist of the same energy, the luminous! The difference lies in the spiritual energy that is deposited in the rabbit luminous energy and is not in the energy that conforms to stone.

This old grandparent’s knowledge is represented in religion, by two divinities; that are the most important basic structure, to understand the ancient knowledge. Hence, luminous energy is represented by water, and was metaphorically divinized as "The divine water", because water is more than the representation of life... is life itself! When worshiping the water divinity, people ponder on the importance of the life phenomenon itself. But the other energy,